This Story Doesn’t Hold Any Water

Last Updated on: 1st October 2014, 04:11 pm

Ok, a while back, I read a story about a guy, Chad Hudgens, a member of a sales team, who was held down while his team leader poured water down his nose as part of some kind of team-building exercise where he urged the team to work as hard to sell as Hudgens had to work to breathe. That’s just sick! Now, the guy’s suing them for what they did to him, and the company is saying it never happened like that.

At the time, I didn’t post about it, because there was too much he said she said. But now, the quotes have gotten too good. The story goes so far as to say that several people didn’t know what waterboarding was. They thought it had something to do with water-skiing. Yeah, riiight. I admit that lots of people don’t watch much news, but to not know what waterboarding is? Ok then.

Even better, the company’s lawyer says there would have never been a suit if it wasn’t for all the stuff that goes down at Guantanamo Bay. Ya wanna bet? If things happened the way Hudgens said they did, the suit still would have happened, just without the term “waterboarding”.

And what about this whole bullshit about Chad obviously knowing what was going to happen beforehand because he handed his keys and cellphone to coworkers? I probably would have handed my keys and cellphone to coworkers if I was going to lie on some muddy grassy hill as part of some exercise. Why lose something? Just because I got other people to hold stuff isn’t a sure sign I knew I was about to get waterboarded.

And the whole thing about him being able to lift a hand to tell them to stop? There were four people holding him down! Good luck with that, lawyer guy. Let’s see how easily you can get an arm out while four people are holding you down and someone’s pouring water down your nose. Let’s see if you’re even thinking about lifting an arm. I’d be too busy trying to speak, realizing I couldn’t, and then panicking.

There are so many scummy quotes in here that it’s insane. I think the company’s lawyer has done more to harm the company’s reputation than any throwing around of a given term.

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