Mike’s Hard Lesson

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:37 am

I’m glad we have services in place to protect kids, when they work. It’s too bad they either don’t notice abuse going on until it is too late, or snatch kids seemingly unnecessarily.

Somehow, Christopher Ratte didn’t realize he had bought his 7-year-old son Leo Mike’s Hard Lemonade at a ballgame. He asked for lemonade, and the guy gave him a Mike’s Hard. The kid was drinking it, and then a security guard came and told the father that the drink was alcoholic. He was shocked, but the guard snatched it, called police and then things went straight to hell. they took Leo to the hospital to make sure he was ok. I get that. then they made an order to remove him from the home, and social workers came to get him at the hospital. Even social workers seemed annoyed that they were taking the kid, but they could only follow orders. Uh, what happened to taking everything on a case by case basis?

When relatives came to get the poor, traumatized boy, Child Protective Services workers told them they couldn’t see him until they had a hotel room. They got one, and when they came back, Leo was taken to an undisclosed foster home. What the hell?

Finally, somebody saw reason, and let the boy go back to his mother. But they didn’t completely see reason because they tried to make dear old supposed booze-feeding dad stay in a hotel for a while. Then someone else finished off the ability to see reason and dismissed that bullshit.

What the? It was an odd mistake, but it was just that. It was a mistake. I could think of worse things a parent could be doing to their kid.

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