If I Told You You Had Alcohol In Your Beautiful Body, Would You Get Into My Official Looking Car Under Threat Of Arrest?

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 01:42 pm

Michael Myers might want to consider working on the art of picking up chicks a little more.

The 32-year-old Kentucky man is facing a felony charge of impersonating a police officer after an incident early Saturday morning during which he attempted to get a woman into his car, threatening her with jail if she didn’t comply.

The attempt was broken up by some suspicious firefighters who questioned Myers, then detained him and called police when his story didn’t seem to add up.

Now for the best part.

In his car, they even found a very official looking fake badge that says Louisville police on it.  Myers’ badge identified him as an “official boob inspector” from the department of titillations.

Even though it may have been intended as a joke, police say it looked real at first glance. And they believe Myers’ intentions were no laughing matter.

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and post wacky prison related pick-up lines below should the mood strike you.

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