Those MySpace Safety Features Are Turning Out Great

Last Updated on: 24th October 2013, 08:18 am

I’m not the kind of person you’d normally find defending somebody who had sex with a 13-year-old girl, but you know what they say about every rule having an exception. And if there was ever a time for an exception to be made, I think this is it.

Morris Williams, 22, has been
to 5 years in prison and 6 years probation for having relations with 13-year-old Alisha Dean after meeting her on MySpace. Williams says he thought that she was 18, a fairly common excuse for this sort of thing and normally not a very believable one. The difference here is that the girl has already been involved in a similar case that sent another man (24-year-old Marlon Mills) to prison, also for 5 years.

the girl’s father, Jerry Dean, seemed happy with the sentence.

“One of the reasons for the law is the fact that minors have poor judgment,” he told the media.

Minors and bad parents it would seem.

You’d think that after the first case the MySpace would have come down and her parents with help from the authorities if necessary would be trying to help her turn her life around, but as the article points out, “Dean’s family admits Alisha still stays out late and has yet to delete her misleading MySpace page.”

I can’t help but think that the wrong people are being dragged through the court system here, and I can’t help but think that sooner or later it’s going to happen again. And when it does, I can’t help but think that these shithead parents and their shithead kid will face no consequences whatsoever. Yes minors have bad judgment, but at some point somebody has to take some responsibility for it. In a perfect world, the next person to be sitting in prison beside Williams and Mills would have the last name Dean and would be related to a little brat who has ruined 2 lives in a very short time. Maybe then she’d come home early and stay off the damn internet.

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