Wouldn’t It Be GreatIf Everybody Had A Gun?

Last Updated on: 17th July 2019, 09:23 am

Don’t piss anyone off in Butler, Missouri. You may wind up full of lead. Why? Because tons of people carry tons of guns in their cars. Now, there’s a car dealership who is taking advantage of this love for things that go bang boom pow. If you buy a car at Max motors, you can get either $250 in free gas, or a free semi-automatic handgun! Well actually you just get the certificate for a semi-automatic weapon, but if you pass the background check, you can have one absolutely free, and 80% of people are taking the gun over the gas.

Walter Moore, an employee at Max Motors, says it’s just because there are so many carjackings and thefts out there that one should protect themselves. Ok, I guess. I don’t know much about semi-automatic handguns, or guns in general, so at first I thought they could fire a lot of bullets per minute. Yup,Jill can start laughing at my complete lack of gun knowledge. I guess they can only fire one shot per pull of the trigger. But from the googling around that I’ve done, marines use semi-automatics, and there have been lots of gun accidents with the things going off if kept in the fire when ready position. Do we want that in the car?

All I know is I hope the Butler area doesn’t have a lot of road-ragers, or there may be a lot of armed road-ragers.

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