How We All Intend To Laugh At Bill Cook’s Sad Robbery Attempt

I’ve learned a lot from all the crime documentaries I watch. For instance, I know that when the goal is a successful robbery, having a detailed plan can be a big help.

I’ve also learned a lot from all the people I write about here. For instance, I know that if you do have a detailed plan for your robbery, writing your name on it and stuffing it in your pocket isn’t very helpful, especially when you’re trying to pass off a false name to the cops.

So…I guess William Cook Jr. and I don’t watch or write about the same things.

According to police reports, the Rome man was arrested Tuesday after the manager of the fast food establishment reported a suspicious male. The manager’s suspicions turned out to be spot on and the male in question was William Robert Cook Jr., 27, AKA Bill Cook.
Police arrived on the scene and asked Cook what he was doing; Cook replied that he wanted a job application. The manager stated that they had no applications.
When the officer asked Cook for his name and date of birth, Cook gave the name of Blue Rydell Jones. Cook also provided the officer with a date of birth.
That information turned out to be false and Cook was handcuffed and detained pending further investigation.
During the investigation, the arresting officer discovered a note in Cooks possession entitled, “How Bill Cook intends to rob the Wendy’s on Martha Berry and get away with it.” In the note, Cook stated that he would use a knife and he was found to be in possession of a knife.

Cook, unsurprisingly, finds himself in quite a bit of trouble. He was charged with felony intent to commit armed robbery, felony possession of a knife during the commission of a crime and giving a false name and date of birth to an officer, a misdemeanor. Oh, and he hadn’t reported to his probation officer since the summer, so he has warrants and over $500 in fines related to that to deal with as well.

I’m sure he’s putting the final touches on his How Bill Cook intends to get himself out of this mess essay as I put the final touches on this post.

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