Great Moments In Laziness

Last Updated on: 24th March 2022, 10:14 pm

I’ve just discovered the greatest invention since the beer launching fridge.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the R/C Drinks Cooler!

Specifically designed to expedite the delivery of cold lager to waiting mitts, this nifty battery-operated ice bucket is the ultimate in decadence for any self-respecting layabout. Simply fill it with ice, bung in the beers (or, heaven forbid, something non-alcoholic) and relax as you dispatch its lagery contents to fellow boozers (up to 30ft away) via a bottle top inspired handheld transmitter.

Featuring four sure-grip wheels, the R/C Drinks Cooler is capable of transporting up to twelve bottles or ten cans forwards, backwards, left and right, so you can whizz beers in any direction without having to ask your scantily-clad supermodel grape-danglers to give it a helping hand. Friends will be amazed by both your indolence and your ingenuity as you manoeuvre this sturdy R2D2-esque vehicle around your pad. It’s the ideal way to show off at summer soirees. Who needs catering staff when you’ve got a hi-tech droid butler?

I’m sure you’d have to spend a small fortune on batteries, but they cost less than shoes, and think of the walking you’ll save.

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