Captcha Study

Woe! Somebody at the University of Washington’s computer science and engineering department is doing a way cool study that anyone who has a hate on for any form of captcha should participate in.

Captchas are those…what did I call them? fucking blasted son of a bitch goddamn piece of shit graphical word verification thingies? Yeah, that sounds about right. So this study is measuring the decipherability by humans of different types of these suckas. Funnily enough, the new Craigslist style was in there , and that’s the only one that I actually failed at.

For the most part, the actual study is accessible. I had some issues with combo boxes not updating properly. Just persist, and you should be fine.

Anyone with significant hearing loss as well as vision loss, please participate. Show them how hard it is for you to decipher that garbled audio, please.

I hope this study gets oodles of participants.

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