No More Fleksy VO?

Previously, Carin wrote about the decision of Fleksy’s developers to split the app into two versions, one for users of Voiceover and one for everyone else.

There’s been some movement on that front, movement that was made back at the end of April but that we’re just getting around to now because hospitals and weddings.

In a post on their website, the Fleksy folk have announced that while it’s not yet perfect, there is once again one version of Fleksy for everybody…mostly.

We know there are still a few rough edges and bugs in today’s app, which we will fix with updates. But we couldn’t wait to make it available to you nonetheless. Please let us know if you find things we missed in our mad rush to launch this as quickly as we could.

We won’t immediately retire the Fleksy VO app, just to be sure we have a smooth transition. But you can go back to the main Fleksy app with immediate effect.

I’ve had neither a chance to try the new old app myself or to keep an eye on what others are saying about their experiences with it, but this is certainly a positive development on its face.

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