She Won’t Get The Job, But She’ll Have No Problem Getting The Conviction

Last Updated on: 24th September 2016, 10:50 am

Here’s a dumb thing to do. Steal some clothes from a store, then come back to said store to apply for a job, leave your resume, then steal some more, while wearing recently-stolen clothes! It’s been done.

This unnamed woman showed up to apply for a job at a clothing store. After handing over her resume, she ran around the store stealing clothes while the manager went to a back room. Too bad the manager saw her on security video.

The manager called the cops, who found the woman by looking at her resume. Then they looked through more video, and found her stealing the very clothes she was wearing when she showed up to give the manager her resume.

Um, er, that’s really really dumb. Now she’ll be called for a different kind of interview…one at a police station.

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