Forgiveness? The Gall!

Last Updated on: 6th January 2015, 09:56 am

What is it about this priest’s molestation that made the church actually do the right thing? Was it that he molested a girl? Na, priests have gone to their dying day without facing consequences for molesting both boys and girls. I think it was the fact that he did it on a plane, in view of lots of people. They couldn’t just hide it away. They had to save their image, you know. I’m glad they did what they did. Now let’s see them do it everywhere. Let’s see an end to quietly shuffling priests to different congregations and making excuses for their quick exits.

I hope, when he got up and found the girl he fondled who had moved to a new seat to get away from him and begged her for forgiveness, she said no. You don’t just forgive that. You just don’t.

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