>Nice Backpedaling, Fellas

>‘Don’t be afraid,’ says Quebec artist who criticized McCartney

Luc Archambault said he didn’t mean to suggest McCartney wasn’t welcome in the provincial capital, where the singer plans to play a show on Sunday marking Quebec City’s 400th anniversary.

He said he simply wanted to make a point about his desire to see Quebec artists play a bigger role in the celebrations.

Archambault said his words were twisted in media reports and his true intent – to inform McCartney about the area’s history – was lost along the way.

Parti Québécois culture critic Pierre Curzi also issued a statement clarifying his support for the open letter.

Curzi, a former actor, said he’s been a long-time fan of the British rock star, and put his name to the letter because he wanted to remind McCartney of the fragility of the French language.

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