Blessed Be

Hmmm. I think Katherine Gunther is all out of good luck. I mean, you can’t have any good luck left if you go to plunge a sword into the ground as part of a wiccan ceremony designed to give thanks for good luck, miss the ground and hit your foot. Miss the ground? How in the blue bloody hell do you miss the ground? It’s, you know, the ground!

But she can’t be totally out of luck. She pulled the 36-inch sword out of her foot, and that didn’t seem to cause more damage. I don’t think you’re supposed to pull things that got stabbed into you out. You’re supposed to leave that for the medical professionals, right?

Plus, even though she was in a cemetery in the middle of the night, she’s not being charged. So, she must have some good luck left.

Good luck with your recovery, Katherine. Just don’t give thanks again, ok?

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