How Long Until He’s Forced To Resign For Being Honest With The Public?

Indian member of parliament Ateeq Ahmed recently announced to the media that he would be voting against a proposed nuclear deal with the United States because
he doesn’t understand it.

“I have not understood what the deal is all about,” he told the Press Trust of India. “Though I listened very attentively to the debate throughout yesterday (Monday), I could not make any head or tail out of it.”

“I will definitely vote against the government. If I, being a member of parliament, could not understand anything about the nuclear deal, then how can the people of the country follow it?”

This is quite a refreshing change from the way things are done here. I’m not saying India does everything right all the time, I just happen to think that one of the first documented cases of honesty in politics to come along in my lifetime deserves to be commended.

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