What A Range Of Responses

Ok, so let me get this straight. You are the parents of Karen Range. She is killed in your home by a door-to-door salesman. To be specific, she is stabbed to death so violently that her head is nearly severed. She also appears to have been raped. Back when this happened, the murderer was also accused of raping her, and is convicted of both crimes. Later, it is discovered that her mutilated body was in fact raped at the morgue by an attendant. During the trial, they had said that Karen may have been sexually active. Upon hearing the news that she was a virgin in life and violated after death, you are ecstatic?

I’ll let that settle in for a second. How screwed up can your priorities be that you would consider this news a reason to be overjoyed? I don’t know, but if I had a kid and she was brutally murdered at the age of 19 and then raped after death, I would think that would make me feel worse. I would think it would reopen all the wounds that had been healing for the past 26 years. Not so for Laurie Rockel Range. “I am jumping for joy. I’m going out dancing tonight,” she says. On the subject of how she feels about being correct that her daughter was in fact a virgin in life, she says, “I felt like ‘Ha ha ha ha HA! This is the most wonderful news other than winning the lottery I could hear. I’m the happiest person in the world right now.”

Well, I’m glad you can sleep at night considering this new development. You’re definitely a different sort than I.

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