I’m Speechless

Other than to say, just kill me now. Actually if I were this man, I’d probably kill myself at this point. Well, I’d either kill myself or ask that the police jail me for my own safety since I’m clearly not fit to roam free.

Man reportedly scammed out of $7K by men he met at Home Depot

The victim told police he was approached by another man who said he needed help to get to a pharmacy and that he “had $400,000 on him.”

According to an incident report, the victim said he then took the man, whose name is unknown at this time, to a local bank so he could deposit his money. The suspect then told the victim “he did not trust the bank.”

The victim then took the man to several locations and eventually withdrew $7,000 of his own money from his account to show the man how it is done. He explained to the man, who claimed to be from a foreign country, that people “have equal rights” in the United States.

The 55-year-old then told the man that they could trust each other, according to the report.

The man suspected of scamming the victim reportedly had an accomplice in the area. He asked the victim to pick him up, and he complied.

According to the report, after the 55-year-old picked up the second suspect, he was told by the first suspect that “we know you are trustworthy if you let us hold your $7,000 and walk around McDonalds on Old Fort Parkway and come back.”

The victim told police he gave the men the money, but they never reappeared around the other side of McDonalds.

$7000? Even if somehow you were totally unaware that you were about to get fucked (which seems impossible I might add), wouldn’t $10 have made the point just as well?

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