Buy Yourself A Bike And Some Grass To Ride It In

Things just keep getting worse for good old Igor Kenk.

Now he’s not only facing the 60 charges related to the bike theft ring, but also a couple new ones based on the 7 kilos of weed they found in 2 of his garages.

And in an update on the ring itself, total haul is up to more than 3000 bicycles. Of those, 335 had been claimed by their owners as of Wednesday afternoon. If you want to try to claim yours, you’d better hurry. As of 8 PM today, the exhibition ends and plans for the big ass auction begin. They’re being shown between noon and 8 this evening at both 35 Strachan Avenue and 30 Ordnance Street, so I’d take a walk down there ASAP if I were you. I would have said take a ride, but you know…

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