And Now For Something No One Asked For

Last Updated on: 8th December 2013, 11:46 am

Hello, Friends;

Matt is back…. even though absolutely no one requested it. I should explain my absence over the last oh….. 3 years or so. You see, my plan was to leave the VC for a while and have all my wildly dedicated fans get to the point where they missed me so much that they would do anything to read my ramblings again. At that point – I would swoop back in and announced that I was starting a pay-site and make millions as everyone came flocking back to my new site, willing to pay anything.

Unfortunately – as time went on there was no comments on the blog asking where I was, no concerned e-mails to my account asking if I was alright… not even a mention of my name in passing. So I soon realized my plan was flawed and moved on with other such things until I got bored enough to return

And here we are.

Those of you who have been here since the beginning already know who I am… but who are we kidding? No one has stuck around that long… I mean if they did it was to read Carin… cuz no one was going to continue here to read what Steve had to say… I mean… come on. Right?

My name is Matt. I, actually, created this blog. More accurately, I named it. I was always more of a B Level contributer. To be perfectly fair – Steve brought the funny, Carin brough the smarts and I really just brough offensive content, bad typing skills and a mildly clever title.

This site is now nearing 5 years old and has had far more visitors than ever imagined – due very little to myself. But, now that it’s successful and people actually visit I figured I’d show up to infect and see if I can’t mess up all the work that the other two have done.

So stick around and watch as I destroy 3 years of success with 2 weeks of my presence.

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