What In The Heck Is A Person-On-Person Robbery?

Last Updated on: 25th October 2021, 07:34 pm

I have to ask because Googling isn’t helpful and because the blurb that goes with the headline just sounds like any other robbery to me. The girls that got arrested for it weren’t even charged with some exotic flavour of robbery. It just says robbery. I’m guessing this is either another example of that annoying cop talk (think ” fled at a high rate of speed”) or the poor web content writer trying to make his assignment seem a little more important. My money’s on cop talk, especially since CTV just parroted this police news release, which also doesn’t answer the question.

Regional police were called to the Sunview Street and University Avenue West scene around 11:10 p.m. Monday.
They say a victim was approached by two suspects who brandished knives, demanded personal property, and then fled on foot.

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  1. You know I love me some of that person on person robbery action. There is probably a porn hub category for that.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s still student housing up there along with some condos. There could be something I’m not thinking of, though. My knowledge of that area is pretty limited. Living closer to the Fairview Mall end of Kitchener doesn’t bring me out that way all that often.

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