>Too Much Weirdness!

Last Updated on: 25th April 2012, 10:44 am

>I’m really freaked out with the number of random weird violent things that have been going on lately. The psychology part of me says that my mind is just playing tricks on me, and I’m only noticing them because of the whole Greyhound bus tragedy, and how grusome it was. But it still freaks me out. We have him, then this guy in Greece, who doesn’t seem to have a violent past. Next we have the stabbing of Todd and Barbara Bachman in Beijing just out of the blue, after which the attacker leaped to his death, so we’ll never know why he did what he did. Not enough? How about the Vancouver hammer attacks? And I still have more! I just saw it this morning. Denis Roland Bousquet, who was a regular customer at a dive shop, randomly went nuts and started threatening strangers with a spear gun.

The psychology part of me can say all it wants that I’m falling victim to the availability heuristic, but it has a losing battle. The rest of me wonders what the fuck is going on in this world. It wonders if I’m going to walk down the street and someone’s going to turn lunatic on me and that’ll be the end of me. Here comes the hand of psychology. “Stop being such a fool!” How that sentence isn’t effective, even though it should be. It just isn’t.

I’m not saying I’m going to hide away so the boogieman can’t get me, but I just can’t shake the thought that something weird is going on. It’s completely illogical, but it makes me think of a book I read last October. It was a lame Stephen King book called “The Cell”, and it was all about how cell towers were taken over by some terrorists and everyone who used their cellphone went nuts. I know the incidents aren’t that widespread, but it’s still a creepy thought.

Ok I’m going to shut up and stop sounding like the stupid girl out of a cheesy horror movie now. You can all feel free to laugh at me.

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