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Last Updated on: 31st March 2017, 11:43 am

Well, I’m tired. I didn’t sleep much last night. So I’m hoping this random pile of stuff will make me burn out so maybe I’ll catch a nap.

For people who were wondering, I’m doing ok. There are times when I climb the rollercoaster hill and I’m at the top, like when I manage to get a bunch of stuff done, and there are times when I realize why they have those strap thingies over my shoulders because I’m upside down, going down, down, down some more, like when I googled my own name and found Grandma’s obituary. Now that, that’s weird. I head home tomorrow and the service is Saturday. Mom and dad seem to be doing ok, I think because they have to be.

You probably think I’m an insensitive bitch for posting stupid shit over the past few days. But it kind of helps to do something, because I don’t have a lot of ambition to go out walking around. So, at least I can write short, easy posts. I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while, but it seemed like too much work. Now I think I can do it. Looking at that, I feel like an overdramatic whiner.

Here’s another old blindy thing. Do you remember the really old braille books? Do you remember how they used to have strings right in them that you could use as a bookmark? That was cool! I wonder why they stopped doing them. Was it too hard to repair them once they broke? Speaking of which, I have to tell them that one of the strings on the book I just finished is non-existent.

Like I said in another post, I’m getting ready to go to the GDB reunion in September. For people who don’t know, if you have a guide dog, or I guess a dog of any kind, and you’re going between countries, you have to get a health certificate to state that the dog is free of disease, up to date on vaccinations, etc. Customs doesn’t always ask for it, but they can. This got me thinking. Why don’t people need to have a certificate stating that they’re healthy too? I mean, maybe that would have prevented the whole Andrew Speaker thing. I know I sound paranoid, but hey, if my dog has to jump through hoops, why not us humans?

A little while ago, a couple of people said their eye doctors told them to stay far, far away from Visine eye drops, but the people couldn’t tell me why. That made me wonder, because the damn things are everywhere. Were the doctors just trying to get the people to get a perscription instead of over the counter stuff? Or are the things evil? It’s not likely that I’d have a need for the things, but I’m still curious.

Apparently, I look like the girl on some cigarette packs. I think Steve’s stepdad said Canadian cigarettes, I think that’s a brand. Yeah, you can tell I don’t smoke. The picture is a side-view of a girl wearing a striped shirt and she’s looking at her mom or something. Anyway, he looks at me and says, “Has anyone told you you look like the girl on the cigarette packs?” Of course, I’ve only heard of scary pictures on cigarette packs like yellow teeth, black lungs and disfigured fetuses, so I started laughing and asked if the girl’s growth was stunted or something, and wondered what he was trying to say about me. Was he saying I was an ugly, scary woman? He finally convinced me he was serious, and the picture wasn’t ugly. So eeewww, I’m on a pack of cigarettes. That’s just weird. If anyone sees her, let me know. I wish I had a good picture of me from the side and a picture of the cigarette pack, but I have neither.

You know POINTTS? That organization that helps people fight traffic tickets? I’ve heard their ads on the radio for years, but never have they said that POINTTS has two t’s. Why the hell not? It’s radio! People can’t see the screen where they can write it down. But I guess back years ago, there was no internet. But there was a phone book, and I could see a lot of people looking up “POINTS” and getting really mad that it wasn’t there. Then maybe they’d speed somewhere to ask someone where the hell it was and get another ticket. Maybe that was the plan.

Speaking of police stuff, the Crimestoppers ads always made my head spin with this one piece. “Your call is anonymous, we dont’ subscribe to call display. If your tip leads to an arrest, you are eligible for a reward.” Um, how would they find me to give me the reward if I’m anonymous? Nobody’s been able to explain that to me.

Man, candidates in the by-election, which has probably been rendered useless, seem desperate. They’ve hired telemarketers to call me and ask me if candidate x can count on my support. Not if they keep this harassment campaign up, and especially not if they can’t pronounce his name. I got to tell one candidate that his campaign drones had better sit down and have a lesson on how to say his name. I mean, even JAWS can say it properly. Guys, it’s Frank Valeriote! But one woman went, “I am calling on behalf of Frank…V…V…Val…are—ee…yat?” Yeah, ok. That’s really convincing.

This is a small pet peeve of mine. Have you ever heard people say “\” when they mean “/”? They always do it with web addresses. For example, they’ll say “ backslash yourestupid.” I wrote out backslash, because this happens all the time on the radio. A Backslash looks like this: \ Take a good hard look at it. I’ll show you again. \ Got it? That does not appear at the end of web addresses. A slash, like this, / does. Take a look at that. / Now this one. \ They go the opposite way. See? Here’s the right one. / Here’s the wrong one. \ Stop mixing them up!

Here’s a piece of good news. I got an email yesterday saying my new computer is on its way. Yea! Now poor Steve agreed to help me reinstall bunches of stuff that I had on the old computer so when I came back from my grandma’s funeral, it was sort of like the old one. So if he doesn’t post much, that’s probably why. Or maybe he’ll post just to curse me for causing him to pull his hair out.

And that’s about it. Kind of disappointing, isn’t it?

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