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Last Updated on: 21st November 2013, 04:03 pm

I had a few random thoughts on some things, so figured I’d throw ’em together and make a small post.

Remember back when I said I would switch Trixie’s food? Well, the switch is complete, and boy does she seem to love her new food. Holy hell. She will suck that stuff back like it’s going out of style! What’s more, she seems to have even more energy! More energy? Good grief! I’ll have to watch her weight to make sure I’m not giving her too little or too much for the next little while, but I think Trix votes we stick with the fish. Hopefully it won’t stop her up like happened the last time I got her a fish-based food.

The one art I haven’t mastered is switching at just the right time. I don’t want to start the switch too soon because I’ll have a bunch of left over food, but I don’t want to start it too late and run out of the old grub before I’m ready to. As of right now, I have a bunch of the old lamb food left. Not a whole heap, but more than I think I would really use up by using as the occasional kibble in the treat pouch sort of thing. Ug! Ah well, I’ll figure something out.

I haven’t given a huppy update in a while, partially because I hadn’t seen him since we went to Ribfest at the end of August. Boy have I missed a lot. Back then, he was walking with help. Now, he’s just plain old walkin’! It’s amazing to watch him walking around the apartment, loo dee doo dee doo, when before, he had to scooch or crawl or hold onto something. Now he’s just strollin’ along.

He’s also picking up words like mad. I think I’ve heard him say uh-oh, eeewww, cool, car, cow, cookie, daddy, doggy, shoe, and the other day, I swear he said fly! I said “Are you ready to fly?” and he said “fly!” He was also trying for boing. He’s a fiend!

Not only is he a word fiend, he’s super flexible! We were in this one convenience store the other day, and the aisles are really narrow. So when we go in there, the huppy’s mom runs down and gets stuff, and I stand on stroller duty. In the early days, that just meant I would lean on the stroller and make sure it didn’t roll anywhere. Now, it involves keeping huppy hands off shelves, and making sure that all items that belong in the stroller *stay* there! The other day, while I was on stroller duty, I had to bend down and pick up a small blanket that the huppy sent flying, and when I stood back up, I heard this squeaking sound. I went to check what trouble he had managed to get into, and found…he was chewing on his shoe!…with his foot still in it! Little dude, you need to take up yoga immediately.

He’s also a sneaky little devil. He likes to try and push buttons. Sometimes, this button-pushing gets him in a whole bunch of trouble, like when he messes with the TV or the computer. The other day, a friend of the huppy’s mom’s was over, and we got a glimpse into his little huppy brain. When the huppy’s mom was busy with something, he walked over to the computer, looked at the huppy’s mom’s friend, and she said if he could speak, he would have been saying, “Should I shut off this computer? Please say yes. I know I’ll get in trouble, but should I do it anyway?” Then the little bum did it. That little rascal! Ah but ya can’t help but laugh.

Today, I was at Tim Horton’s, and I got thinking about something I have referred to as the All Kinds muffin phenomenon. It’s the tendancy for people at coffee shops to not want to read the choices of coffees, doughnuts, muffins, etc. and say “Oh what do you want? We have all kinds of things.” I got thinking about the general sense of panic I feel when I’m in the Timmy’s line. I always go there with the intention of trying something new, but as soon as I get there, I blank out as far as what they’ve got and just scramble for something I remember being on the menu before. I think it’s because that Timmy’s line moves fast fast fast. Hell, Tim’s won’t even put in debit, probably because they think it would slow the line down too much. People go in there with one thing in mind, and one thing only. They want their large double double coffee. So, I feel that if I even take a second, people will start getting mad. I’m standing between them and their coffee, and considering what some will do to get their coffee, I don’t want to do that for too long. I start to envision honking horns. “Beep beep, come on lady, pick a doughnut. Honk honk, it’s not life and death here, beep beep honk honk.” Noone has ever said that, but that’s the feeling I get. So half the time, when I go in there, I don’t get to try the stuff I hear about. Do any other blinks feel this way, or am I crazy?

I’m really blad I put up Robert Mask’s obituary. Lots of people have been searching for it, and have found us. I even got an email from someone who knew him, and she also knows my brother. Glad we could help get the information people were looking for.

My dad went to the funeral, and he said it was quite well-attended. Apparently, 16 rooms at the local hotel got booked by folks who were coming to the service from out of town. Yup, he will be missed by a lot of people. I’m glad so many could make it. It makes those of us who weren’t there not feel so bad. I guess the weather was dreary up there, but at least it wasn’t raining buckets like it was here today.

And that’s about it for this little collection of thoughts. Hope you enjoyed the short trip.

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