I Tried, But It’s Still Impossible

Last Updated on: 16th May 2020, 06:24 am

I never thought I’d ask for this. I thought after I was no longer being tortured with this horrible excuse for a song, I would never want to hear it again and would want to make an effort to forget it. But here I am, making a request that seems…impossible? No, the impossible is only the untried!

A friend was over a couple of weeks ago, and somehow, I don’t know how, we got talking about the 125th anniversary of W. Ross Macdonald school. The conversation took some twists and turns, and I started exclaiming “Oh that horrible song!” Our friend didn’t know what I was talking about, so I thought I’d try and find it. The internet has everything, right? Right?

Wrong! I tried searching for lyrics, the song on YouTube, maybe an mp3 of it somewhere, anything! It’s not there! It has fallen through the cracks of the web! But, of all the things for the internet to not have, this is a good choice.

Sadly, I found some other things that the internet should purge. Take this attrocity. It should be gone, and gone post haste. David, It’s called a closing tag. Learn it, fear it, respect it. Also, it’s called spelling and grammar. Maybe they didn’t teach that back when you went there. I don’t know. The site sure doesn’t speak volumes for the education level of the school’s graduates. On second thought, it does explain some of Matt’s Facebook friend requests. The official site should have a disclaimer about this horror. “The technical abilities and English skills displayed by this ‘webmaster and internet webpage-creater’ do not necessarily reflect what is taught at our school.”

Another waste of bandwidth is this video. He took it from the window of a bus as he drove through Brantford, and you just might catch a glimpse of the school as the bus zooms by. Tell me, is the cinematography in this video even close to good? My money’s on no.

So, after I wandered through the internet dregs, I came up empty-handed. There’s only one thing left to do. Does anyone still have a copy of that piece of…music? I’d like it, if only to show my friend that I’m not insane. Whoever crafted it might be a little goofy, but this thing does exist, and I didn’t cook it up. I think it starts like …

One-hundred and twenty and five
are the years, all the years
that the spirit (or vision) expressed in our motto has been alive.
and all those years,
we believed,
that the impossible is only the untried
and we tried.

*gag* Oh oh oh, I’ve committed a horrible offense. I’ve reproduced some of those lyrics. The only reason I remember them is I had to sing it when I got there! I can still hear all the overly enunciated t’s and d’s.

So now that I’ve slagged the song to hell, does anybody want to give me a copy? My money’s on no, but what the hell. You know what they say about the untried…so I tried.

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  1. …and, 12 years after you wrote this, I decided to visit the Internet to see if this song had been captured anywhere. No go so far. Not surprised, really. It’s hey-day was before the serious influx of the Interwebs. I’ll keep searching, though…

    (The original poem these song lyrics were composed from was quite lovely…without the chorus the song is quite beautiful….

    But yeah, that chorus. :-p

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