9 0 2 1 Oh My God I’m Gonna Get Roasted!

Last Updated on: 5th December 2023, 08:58 am

So. Last night I found myself sitting on the couch with my sister at around 8pm and noticed I did not have control of the remote…. and I knew exactly what she was going to flip on since she used to love the old school version and because it had been pimped for months now. And I was right.

Steve was kind enough to point out for me that I had no excuse that would hold up in court for watching this show – so I sit here wide open for a bombing of insults. The only card I’ll play is my “it was research for the blog” card and hope someone will have mercy upon me.

I did not watch the entire “2 Hour Extravaganza” but I did see a good portion of it. I placed a bet with my sister that I won. I was sure it would be the same basic theme song but jazzed up all modern complete with new rock guitar and such. She said they would use the exact same song, complete with sax but just with the new characters. I was right – same tune – swank new rock sound.

The show itself? Oh god! Not only is it awful – but it’s also horribly lazy! A brother and sister are forced to relocate to Beverly Hills and go to big, intimidating West Beverly. Sound farmiliar? It probably should. Brenda and Brandon ring any bells to anyone?

There’s lots else to hate, too. There are carry-over characters like Kelly and Brenda both being around in some capacity. Kelly is now a guidance counsellor at the school and Brenda appeard towards the end, seemingly out of nowhere. My guess is that she’s been kicked out of her trailer by Dylan who beat the shit out of her while on a heroin trip and went off looking to bang Steve. But I guess we have to tuen in next week to find out.

Oh ya, Nat is still around working at the ultra hip, newly upgarded Peach Pit. I had no idea back in the old show why all the “cool” kids in West Beverly hung out in a burger shack. Very realistic, right? Well it’s even less believable now. Nat must be peddling weed to these little shits.

Oh did I mention that the brother/sister team in this case is half black and half white? Some adoption thing or something. Too bad I won’t be around to find out if that makes life super dramatic at school. But I think we all know the answer.

The whole show now tries too hard to be modern. There are more mentions of texts in this show than there are to actual conversations.

It’s a pile of poo. Avoid it all costs.

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