Hmmm…Here Comes Another Year…

So…um…2021 was a thing. It happened. Now it’s over, and I’m not really sure what to say about it, even though it’s now the beginning of 2022 and I should probably reflect on the year that was.

It started off crappy, but the possibility of vaccines was there and I thought things would look up once enough of us got vaccinated. Things were looking good…until…smaaash! Hello Omicron, how are you? At least it doesn’t seem to cause as serious a cluster of symptoms for the folks who got all their shots, but it just sends life into a tailspin while everybody figures out how much of an impact it will really have. It’s a good thing I’m not reading Stephen King’s “The Stand” right now…

What can I say about this year? Not a whole lot. I spent a lot of it waiting and hoping. At least I got to see some family, which is good, but it was pretty sparse. At least at the end, Steve and I did make it home for Christmas and saw all the wee nephews. I really need to come up with nicknames for them all to put up here. Man, they have changed a lot. They’re all very much developing their own personalities. Seeing them rip through their Christmas presents really made Christmas that extra bit of awesome. Favourite line of the event: “Who gave you this present?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t have time to look!”

We have had plenty of scary health close calls in our family, none of them were COVID-related, but thankfully, it looks like most people are going to be ok. I have one uncle having a rough time, but everybody else seems to be doing pretty well.

Even Tansy has had some wacky veterinary times, but she also seems to have come out the other side unscathed. But all of that Tansy talk will be in another post.

Lots of people have been wishing us a happy New Year, but I ran into someone who wished me a better New Year. I think that’s appropriate. The last couple of years have shifted my expectations. Now, peace and calm would be a nice thing to get in the new year. Let’s all hope for some peace and calm, and maybe some simple joys.

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  1. Pretty sure my favourite kid line of the trip came when some of them went for a walk and the 5-year-old stayed behind.

    Me: You didn’t go on the walk?
    Him: Naah.
    Me: How come?
    Him: I don’t know.
    Me: Do you like the snow?
    Him: Yes.
    Me: What’s your favourite thing about the snow?
    Him: Not being outside in it.

    If I didn’t know better I would swear he was my kid.

    The runner up has to be the same kid who didn’t have time to read who the present was from excitedly reading the name on another one.

    Him: This one’s from Christmas Eve!
    Me and I think Carin too: Who? You might want to try that again.
    Him: Oh. Wait. Carin and steh-ve!
    Me: Close enough.

  2. Setting the bar incredibly high, my New Year’s resolution is to try not crying every single day. So far we are O for two.

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