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Last Updated on: 20th July 2020, 03:17 pm

Please, somebody help me figure this one out, because I’m just not getting it.

What is it about playing golf for a living that makes the ability to speak English so important that there needs to be a policy saying that anybody on the LPGA tour who can’t will be suspended until they can pass a test? Admittedly I’m not the biggest golf fan, so I’m probably missing something huge here. Surely an organization searching for mainstream press and sponsor money wouldn’t do something like this without some very solid reasoning. Yes, I’m positive that there is a perfectly acceptable explanation for all of this. Perhaps in exchange for being allowed to play, everybody has to also do some telemarketing to promote the tournaments. No? Hmmm. Maybe they have to run a pro shop somewhere in middle America then. They don’t? Gee, this is becoming quite the head scratcher. Are they required to teach ESL classes? I’m running out of ideas here. Why does hitting a little ball with a strangely shaped stick need to be translated? What’s that you say? Everybody needs to speak English so that they can do media appearances? Surely you gest. You don’t? Well then, be sure to give my best to the folks down at the KKK when you see them at the next meeting.

This is honestly one of the dumbest, most poorly thought out decisions I think I’ve ever seen in any sport. Well, giving the Olympics to China is up there, but this is bad. Since when does somebody need to speak English to be able to do an interview? I bet that not a day goes bye that somebody doesn’t use a translator during a media appearance. Check out the news sometime guys, it’s pretty enlightening. And if you need a sports example, watch some MMA. A lot of the top fighters in the world know barely any English even though a good deal of the really high profile fights take place in America. Without fail there are media appearances to be done, for example, once you win a fight. What you’ll see is the interviewer, the foreign dude that just finished beating ass and some other guy. That some other guy is there to interpret. It really isn’t rocket science. Somebody can’t speak English, he gets it translated for him. The translator can also perform the helpful function of translating the foreign language to the English-speaking audience. This sort of thing has worked for literally hundreds, make that thousands of years, but I guess word hasn’t reached Dark Ages USA or wherever the LPGA is headquartered.

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