Save Holly’s Thinking

Last Updated on: 30th January 2017, 08:39 am

I hate doing this because I should have enough brains to leave a comment under this post on Holly’s blog on my own. but every time I try, my brain fizzles out, and I can’t do it. I just shut down, kinda like my old dead computer did.

I like Holly, but this post is so full of holes and illogical statements that it sends the neurons into a tail-spin. Somebody set her straight on a few things, especially the part about women being content with being subordinates to men, or the part about Iraq being connected to Bin Laden. I don’t know about all the numbers she has up there, but I definitely see some serious flaws in this argument. I mean, everyone’s entitled to their opinion about who is best to run the country, but this is just, well, way too simplistic a view.

Oy yoy yoy. who is brainwashed?

As an aside, This is the same Holly who’s trying to get an ABI. I guess she’s abandoning her blogger blog and wants a new site.

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