Doesn’t Everybody Do That?

Last Updated on: 31st October 2021, 10:41 am

This is so dumb that I feel it should be posted.

Check out this snip from astory about fights during a college football game.

Police arrested Lucas Widdicombe after someone sitting near him said he had a cup, and “he had urinated in the cup and was going to throw it at Ball State fans.”

The usher supervisor who found Widdicombe said the cup Widdicombe carried did smell like urine, according to the report.

Widdicombe told police he had not urinated in the cup and had no intentions of pouring it on people. Widdicombe said someone had given him a cup of urine while he was in the restroom, and he decided to take it back to his seat to show his friends.

“Hey buddy, look what I’ve got for you!”

“A present? For me?”

“That’s right little fellah, a whole cup of recycled beer, and she’s all yours!”

“Gee, thanks, mister! I can’t wait to show this to Tommy and Billy!”

I guess we’ve figured out who it is that the airport security people are talking to when they say don’t take strange packages from people you don’t know.

And Jesus Christ, that’s a lie straight out of an episode of Cops. Even if I was completely hammered out of my tree I bet I would be smart enough to think up a better story, or at least smart enough to confess if I failed. Anything to avoid being known forever as the guy who’s fascinated by piss.

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