You Folks Sure Are A Hot Crowd

Last Updated on: 26th November 2013, 08:59 am

Brothers Ian and Matthew Balderama are currently being held on arson and murder charges forsetting fire to their family home by pouring gas down the basement stairs and lighting a match.

The blaze, which the 2 idiots set as a prank on their cousin, turned into a joke on their father who was apparently drunker than they were and slept through the whole thing…and will now be sleeping through everything else for the rest of time.

“They was drunk and probably couldn’t think of anything else to do,” said grandmother Virginia. “They wanted to play a prank on him so they poured some gasoline downstairs and lit a match to it.”

Good one, kids. Right up there withflooding somebody’s house on a dare.

Now grandma Balderama, let me ask you, are you angry?

“Am I angry with them for what they done? Yeah, cause we don’t have a home now. We’re disgusted really.”

Any words about the loss of your son? Tragedy? Horrible accident? Anything like that?


Ok, we’ll move on.

What was the payoff to that prank supposed to be? If everything had gone off perfectly, what would have happened? Having never been one to find torching my house and burning my family alive to be particularly amusing, I don’t quite get it. Surely I’m missing some comedic gold here. Either humour has passed me bye, or Ian and Matthew Balderama need to take some comedy classes while they’re locked up. I’m not sure what the rest of you think, but I happen to believe I’m still pretty funny.

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