I Can Read Your Mind…I Think

Last Updated on: 4th July 2021, 04:16 pm

Great. Now the Homeland Security Department is trying to invent a machine that would allow them to remotely scan people’s bodies to detect malicious intent. They plan to put these suckers in at airports, and it can apparently detect the difference between the physiological response created by thoughts of “Oh my god I’m going to miss my connection” and that of “I’m gonna blow up this here plane.” They have a 78% success rate. Wooo! That’s spectacularly sucky in the statistical realm. Keep working, keep working for a long, long, long time, especially since you fuckers love to push invasive and overzealous measures on the public.

I hope to christ that if this ever makes it to common use, that there will be an obligation to put up signs advising people that they will be scanned by these machines. I mean, there is no requirement to hook a person up to anything to scan them, so the potential is there to not even tell the public it’s going on, and I don’t like that. I don’t want to see these things showing up as much as surveillance cameras in Britain, perhaps, without any indication that they’re there.

God damn it, what is with this recent need to try and probe minds? We had the brain electrical oscilation signature technology in India, then the physiology-monitoring software designed by Microsoft, and now this. Stop it!

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