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Last Updated on: 14th March 2014, 10:22 am

I almost missed this comment, but I’m glad I saw it before the post scrolled off of the main page. Just to refresh everybody’s memories and to get any new readers up to speed on what’s going on, in my post last week called Flawed Logic I talked about a study that was done on junk food advertising and it’s impact on children. That post is still on the main page right now but I’m not sure how long it’ll stay there so if you missed it, click on the archive for February and scroll down if you haven’t read it and want to see what we’re talking about.

I think you are all missing a big point here. It shouldn’t matter how many commercials on the tv. Maybe the problem is that the kids are watching it too
much anyways. There arent any ads in the park! Go play hide and seek or something! Kill the problem before it even starts
a different anonymous | 02.29.04 – 2:49 pm |

I almost agree with that. I’m with you when you say that kids watch too much TV, a lot of them do. I also agree that there are no commercials in the park, but that’s where our opinions part company and here’s why.

While there aren’t any junk food ads in the park, which is a good thing, what kids can get their hands on in the park is much worse than a commercial, that being the junk food itself. Whether it’s other kids bringing candy that they get from somewhere and sharing it around or your own kid going to the store near the park and buying some penny candies with his pocket change, there are still ways that they can get it and eat it. Hell, the park in the little village where I did a lot of my growing up had it’s own concession stand and when it was open, which wasn’t all the time, it would sell everything from burgers and fries to those hot lip things and everything in between. And if it wasn’t open when you were there, there was a convenience store not 5 minutes away that would be happy to sell you candy or ice-cream on the cheap.

So while getting kids outside playing is a really nice sentiment, if you’re worried about junk food, it’s not the answer to the problem. I still stand by my original opinion that at least some of the blame has to go to the parents on this one. Feel free to try to change my mind, I’m open to discussion.

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