Stop This Song From Streaming Into My Head

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2014, 09:07 pm

Ug. I don’t even know why I’m posting this, except to make fun of the dude for being such a geek, and because the damn jingle has been in my head since I heard the thing. So maybe if I write it down, it will leave me alone. that, and I haven’t found anything else to post, so this’ll have to do.

There is a very musical, and also very geeky man named Terry Kelly. well, I’ll take back the geeky part if he did this strictly for pay. Why do I think he’s geeky? He made a ringtone to sing about the Victor Reader Stream. Um, would I put that on my phone? How about no. But the damn thing’s been in my head ever since I heard it.

Yuck! Sorry I wasted everyone’s time with that horror.

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