You Talkin’ To Me? If So, Please Speak Into This Police Camera

Last Updated on: 15th August 2016, 09:36 pm

This is pretty gross. Oxford taxi conversations to be recorded, council rules

Sadly, the way things are going, the days of being able to say of course this is a UK idea look to be coming to an end. But yes, this is indeed a UK idea.

A council spokeswoman said the “video and audio would run all the time within the vehicle”.

She said police would only locate footage, stored on a CCTV hard drive for 28 days, if it was needed for a police investigation.

She added: “The risk of intrusion into private conversations has to be balanced against the interests of public safety, both of passengers and drivers.”

The necessary equipment must be installed by taxi drivers licensed for the first time by 6 April 2012. A panic button must also be fitted.

Cabs already registered will have until April 2015 to get the kit fitted, the council said.

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