The Brain Is A Good Toy

Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 02:55 pm

You know, when a doll was saying “Kill? James?”, it was clear as a bell, There was no question as to what it was saying. But I’m not so sure about this doll saying “what they say it’s saying. I’m not going to colour your brain with what they think it is, because that will make it all the more clear. Do you think it’s saying that? Or is it just jibber? I certainly didn’t hear the second phrase that the mother said it said. No way, no how.

I especially love how these moms called it the spouting of hate. If it said “Kill the infidels,” I’d be agreeing with them. But it didn’t even say that, if it said what they think it said. What if the doll said “God is good?” It would never be called the spouting of hate. I would find it a little heavy on religion, but it wouldn’t be shown on the TV with the reporter making it say “God is good,” “God is good,” over and over again.

So, what do you think it says?

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