Something Else That Bugs Me and Tampa Wins! Hur…. RAY!

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 12:56 pm

There’s nothing like an awful pun to brighten your day.

I’m pretty happy to see Tampa move on. it was a great game last night. If you watched it you’ll know what I mean. The Baseball Gods will always give you your chance if it’s a good game. If you’re getting blown out from start to finish, than the Gods aren’t watching. But if you have a game like last night you know they’re tuned in and will give you your shot. In the 8th inning when Boston loaded the bases and Tampa brought in their rookie left hander – that was Boston’s chance to get back in it and maybe, not just tie it, but take the lead. I knew as soon as they couldn’t bring another run across the plate the game was over and they wouldn’t get it done in the 9th. That’s just how it works. I don’t know why – but even when the leaf-off man got on for Boston in the 9th I never had a doubt that Tampa was moving in. The Gods will give you your shot – but if you don’t take it – you won’t get another.

Something that’s been bugging me. I’m not a fan of the TBS crew that’s been covering the games. Earlier in the series the team dubbed James Shields “Big Game James.” Alright. It’s catchy. But it was the first big game he’d ever been in in the majors since his team has been garbage for… ever. But what are you gonna say? Everyone’s excited and the young team is looking good so I let them off the hook. Then, last night when Matt Garza left the game, for some reason, the same guy blurted out “Big Game Garza” as they went to commercial. Like, give me a break. Again, another first time big game pitcher… and…. you’re not exactly being too creative here. It’s the same name. Are we just going to take to calling the entire team “Big Game Jim Rectumsnatch”? or “Big Game Steve Lotzaphat”? If we’re going to be handing out bad nicknames on a dialy basis – let’s at least come up with a new one.

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