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Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 08:04 pm

So, tonight is Game 6 for the Red Sox and Rays. The Rays had a seven run lead in Game 5 and couldn’t lock it down. I’m not sure what to make of that. I think you can probably make equal arguments for crediting Boston and for blaming Tampa.

Let’s be fair, while Boston has not looked good at all in this series, they are a great team. They are World Series Champions until someone beats them. Right now, that has not happened. At the same time I think it’s fair to say that the young, inexperienced Rays got a little ahead of themselves and a bit excited with their big lead and let it slip away. The real test is tonight. Can they regain their composure and put away the Sox – or is this going 7?

Well I would tend to say that Boston has only prolonged the inevitable. Tampa has been the better team and has lit up the Boston pitching in 5 of 6 games and Beckett is going tonight who has not been good.

All that said, it’s not what I wanted to write about. What I’m about to say is something that I KNOW erks Boston fans more than anything else you can say to them…

You’re Yankee wannabes.

Even if I were willing to overlook the fact that while you bitch about the money the Yankees spend while spending more than 28 other teams in the league (I’m not willing to, by the way) I’m still horribly offended by the attitude of fans in the stands who have tried to turn Fenway Park in to Yankee Stadium with their chants and jeers.

At the beginning of this series, while Jason Varitek and David Ortiz were not performing, fans of the Red Sox began loudly boo and jeer these two men. After 100 years of not winning a World Championship, these 2 guys were the 2 chief players, not to mention heart and soul, of the team and once Boston started to struggle all of a sudden they’re bums worthy of being booed. Give me a break. Nothing says Yankee fan like unfair booing.

I get it. I’m a sports fan. You pay your money and you wanna see your team perform but pick a more suitable target. Crap like this just irritates to me no end.

Oh. And let’s not forget about Thursday night. When Boston was still down and out and David Ortiz was the one to smack the hit that got the whole comeback started he becomes a hero again. Hypocrites. If I was him I would have come out of the dugout for a curtain call that no one asked for and flipped everyone in the stands off.

Enjoy the game.

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