>Carleton student council reinstates cystic fibrosis fundraiser

I’m glad things turned out well in the end, but I still don’t think it’s good enough. Only 2 of these goofs resigned from the council. Donnie Northrup, the one who put the motion forward to begin with, and some other crybaby named Sean Maguire who is now all broken up because his idiocy helped ruin the reputation of his university. As Carin used to say, “poor muffin.” Maybe that’ll teach you to think before you shoot off at the mouth with the shit from what passes for your brain, ya stupid imbecile. Every single one of these fools should either quit of their own free will or be removed by force. Obviously they can’t be trusted to make sound decisions that are in the best interests of the university.

Speaking of fools and imbeciles, I need to touch briefly on the fine citizens who thought it would be just swell to send death threats to the people involved in this. I see this all the time, and it never fails to make me angry. If you’re upset about somebody’s decision, responding in an equally foolish manner or one that makes you look even worse than the target of your outrage is not a good way to make your point. I’m gonna cap yo ass mutha fucka doesn’t go nearly as far as at least taking a crack at constructing a sensible opinion on the issue at hand. That might sound funny coming from a guy who’s just spent 2 paragraphs on name calling, butI’ve already made it very clear what I think of all thisso I think I can say what I want.

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