Last Updated on: 8th February 2019, 09:19 am

Every time I read this story, I feel sick.

Stephen M. Bottila went into a McDonald’s with his service dog, a dog who detects his seizures. The manager let him eat there and the dog was sleeping under the table. Then, for some unknown reason, the manager called police to have him removed. What the hell? When they came, he said he wanted to file a complaint against the manager, but they said he had to leave the place first. He refused, and then they ended up tasing him. Now he’s in jail and his dog is in the humane society!

What kind of crap is that? If the dog was causing some kind of a problem, I’d understand the police being called. But it was doing what it should have been. And if the dude started punching the officer, which was never mentioned, then I’d understand the tasing. But this just sounds ridiculous. I think the police in Madison need some serious retraining, and a few need to be fired. Maybe they’ll end up in Philadelphia doing blind tests.

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