I Missed the Bus, So Drove The Car, Then Smashed The Car, And That Is Somethin’ That I’ll Never Ever Ever Do Again!

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2014, 05:00 pm

This poor little guy is a very lucky little boy. Ya gotta give the little guy credit for determination to see a goal through to the end, even though that determination didn’t, uh, have a happy ending. He missed the bus, and felt so bad about it that he decided to try and drive the family car to school. His mom was asleep, let’s hope it was because she was working nights or something. Anyway, he decided to drive to school. I’m sure he thought It was easy, I mean it looked so easy. He found out quickly that it wasn’t when he lost control, went off the right side of the road, then the left, then the right, and then smacked into an embankment and a utility pole. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, but seemed to have come out of it pretty ok considering the circumstances.

The poor little guy’s probably going to be in a whole heap of trouble. I mean, if the family’s any good, they’ll thank their lucky stars that he’s ok, but it sounds like he did a pretty good job of smashing up their car, so…that can never bring good things.

One thing’s for sure. This little guy really really likes school.

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