Guess I’ll Be Throwing In The Golden Gate About Now

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 05:04 pm

Ok Carin, I see yourSobbing John Rempeland raise youSimple Shane Symington.

Not only did this fellow get scammed by the Nigerians once when he paid a woman who emailed him about her sick mother a bunch of money for her care and then a bunch more for her funeral when the treatment didn’t work out so well, but he then got scammed again by 3 fake FBI agents who said they’d take up his case if he could pay for their trip to Nigeria, because the most powerful police force in the most powerful country in the world routinely asks for that sort of thing…or something. Guess all this economic downturn business is more serious than I thought.

All in all, he’s out £130,000 or $240,371.45 Canadian, and he’s not getting any of it back because the Nigerian police don’t feel much like helping him out. I’m sure it won’t happen, but I’m praying for the day when police from countries like America and Britain and Canada start taking the same attitude about these cases. I look at this sort of thing the same way I look at peopleskiing in posted avalanche zones.When something goes wrong, it’s because you did something stupid. You should be the one eating the cost and learning the lesson, not the rest of the world.

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