Hey John Rempel, Interested In Some Ocean Front Property In Arizona?

Last Updated on: 14th August 2013, 11:38 am

Usually, when a story like that of sobbing John Rempel comes to light, we say “What an idiot!” But in this case, we have to say “What a whole family of idiots!”

This guy got one of those emails promissing heaps and heaps of dough from a deceased but previously unknown relative’s estate, if he’d only send a little money…and a little more…and a little more. And he did. He went into debt. Between sobs, he says that he lost $150000 to these scammers.

But here’s where his family gets involved. not only did he keep forking over dough, but his uncle and his parents gave him money. How come none of them wondered about the legitimacy of this whole thing? even if they weren’t aware of Nigerian scams as some older folks aren’t, they could verify that he in fact did not have a deceased relative named David Rempel. Nope, they just handed him cash and wished him good luck on his quest for the elusive treasure.

Where it really gets weird is when he met the scammers in London and they said they had a suitcase full of money, apparently. He wasn’t sure about this, so asked for proof that this was cold hard cash. They pulled out some liquid formula and apparently washed off some stamp on one of the bills from the suitcase and now said it was legal tender, and the guy bought this load of crap.

then he made things even easier for the scammers. He went back to his hotel with his bottle of formula and no suitcase full of money, I think, and dropped and broke the bottle of formula. So of course they had to get more formula, which would cost more money…and more..until he had none left and was borrowing. Way to go, idiot.

The part that makes me laugh the hardest is the fact that he says he has no friends now because of this. I guess they’re too busy laughing at him.

Dude, that scam is old. Everybody should know about it by now. And if you get an email saying you won some dutch lottery, you didn’t. Just delete the message and move on with your life, please.

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  1. Pretty sure I said it at the time in the comments that ended up getting stolen, but even after all these years I still think that Sobbin’ John Rempel would either be the best or worst blues man I’ve ever heard.

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