Snow Blows

Last Updated on: 17th December 2022, 08:57 pm

Ok, here’s something that baffles me. I ask what I think is a simple question, but nobody can answer it. Maybe someone can tell me what’s so hard about this question.

the question is…

Am I on the sidewalk?

Now, what’s so hard about this question? It’s snowy. the sidewalk is hard to find. I want to know if this is in fact the easiest place to walk, or am I walking on a bit of a snowbank.

If this had just happened with one person, I would have thought s/he just wasn’t listening, or was having an off day or something. But this has happened with a few people. One lady kept telling me she could drive me home. Hmm. If you can’t manage to tell sidewalk from parking lot from street and which surface I’m standing on, I don’t think I want to be in a car with you. She also couldn’t seem to understand “Trixie has come to a stop and I can’t figure out why. Is there anything dangerous ahead of me that I should be aware of? Is there construction? Something fallen down? a snowbank that I haven’t seen yet? Why would she have stopped?” she just kept asking me if the dog was hungry or thirsty or how long I’d had the dog.
I thought she was just weird, but then I ran into a guy who when asked if I was all the way onto the sidewalk, just kept saying “God it’s snowy. You’re really going to have to trust your dog.” I know this. I’m just verifying that I am in fact starting off in the right spot.

Another time I was walking along a plaza and asked a girl where the best place would be to cross the parking lot to get back out to the sidewalk. I asked if there was a part that was less snowy. She said, “Hmmm, right here.” and then proceeded to not cross the parking lot as I expected, but walk down the plaza to the place I would have crossed anyway. How did I misunderstand that one?

So what’s so hard about that question? Is it hard to understand? Is there an easier way I could phrase it? I mean, when a few completely different people don’t get it, it must be me.

And here’s a note to the asshat who parked his big truck on the sidewalk. Dude, the sidewalk is already obscured enough. I don’t need your damn vehicle in the way too.

God I hate the snow. the sidewalk was so bad that a guy said I would have to walk in the road. At least the road up to the busy corner isn’t too insane, so I did it. On the way back from the corner store, I ran into another girl who was walking to the apartment building where we live. She said she was going to take this crazy path that people like to take. I don’t like it because it’s too open and easy to get lost. but since the sidewalks sucked so hard, I figured maybe I could walk behind her and maybe there was a beaten down track. There was, big enough for a pair of feet. I’m with a dog. So, I was weezing like an old woman, trudging, my feet slipping into soft snow, trying to keep my balance.

I got to the door to the building…and then did something bone stupid. I knew Trixie would have to do her duty, and I knew the place where we went wasn’t far…so I thought I’d just backtrack. I’m a large idiot. Had I used even a small fraction of my brain, I would have realized that snow is piled there, so it is impossible to backtrack that way. I would have to step down, walk along the parking lot, and then turn in at the next spot where the snow was lower. I didn’t use my brain, so was swiftly taught that lesson by falling into a large bank of snow.

Now, the fall itself didn’t hurt. the snow was fluffy, so the only thing that was hurt was my pride. there I was, knees and ass in the snow,half sitting, half knealing, wondering how I was going to get up. I had a backpack on, and a bag in my hand that had bread in it. Trixie stood beside me, and if she could have spoken, she would have said “I told you so. I told you you couldn’t go this way, but you didn’t listen to me. Now look at you, you fool! I have a fool for a handler! Oh if I could shake my paw at you like a finger, I would.”

I tried to get up once, and fell back down, now further dug into the snow. I tried again. Nope, that was a fail. Now this was getting scary. I was having visions of that woman who couldn’t get up off her driveway. Nope, that was not going to be me by any stretch. I half thought about phoning Steve and asking him to come pluck me out of the snow, but gave myself one more heave, and I was standing. Whew!

Just then, our awesome neighbour walked over and asked if I was ok. If he had been there just a few seconds before, he would have been my knight in shining armour because he would have been the one plucking me out of the snow. At least he managed to make me feel like less of a tool, saying lots of folks fall this time of year.

Wow, this post has degenerated from a simple question to a bitchfest. How did that happen?

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