I Had A Dream…But Not that One

Last Updated on: 1st May 2014, 10:30 am

I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamed that Barack Obama was hiding out at our house.

We were just going about our business when this weird black van pulled up to our place. But in the dream we had a house, not an apartment. It kind of looked like mom and dad’s house. Anyway, somebody knocked on our door, and the guy looked and sounded like Barack Obama! At first we thought this was a load of crap, I mean, where were all the Secret Service guys and stuff? But he insisted that he was Obama, and he sure sounded like him. He said he had run away, he just needed to get away for a bit. This had all happened too fast, people were all over him, acting like he had infinite powers, and he needed to escape for a little wile.

For some unknown reason, we let him in. We wondered why he had picked our place, and then he said it was because he knew that we weren’t going all insane about all the Obama coverage, and we were looking for regular news. Somehow this was all cool in the dream, although in real life, that would be freaky.

He spent hours talking about how he wondered if he was in too deep. He kept saying that everyone expected him to heal the whole world, and he was only human. He was freaked out by the way people worshipped him. He was just a normal guy, and people were treating him like he was god or something. He kept saying, “I should go back, but I don’t want to. I know they’re looking for me. Do I have to go back?” When he did go back, he found out that masses of people had sifted through his garbage.

what the hell’s up with that? It must be because of the way Monday night’s 11:00 news coverage was. That was nuts. They had one guy in Washington heading up this one part of the news where all they talked about was Obama stuff, and then when they finished up with that, apparently to give us the rest of the news, that was full of Obama stuff too! It was insane. I was a bad girl and didn’t watch the inauguration speech. I was so Obamaed out that I just wanted to see the highlights. I think I’m the only person who didn’t watch it. Well, Steve didn’t watch it either. but…it seems like everyone else was either glued to their TV sets or out at some rally somewhere. Hell, people had pulled their kids out of school to watch this! This is nuts. None of the prime ministers that were elected during my time got this much coverage. Did Trudeau? I wouldn’t know, that was before my time. He’s the only charismatic prime minister I can think of. Isn’t that sad?

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