Lady, Ever Heard Of A Cab?

Last Updated on: 31st August 2018, 09:34 am

This whole sequence of events is wacked out to the max. Tia Ross, a 25-year-old mother of 3, goes out with a dude for her birthday. Then at some point, he decides to go home and check on his children…and never comes back. What an asshole. If she was too hammerd for him, he should have told her he was leaving or gotten her a cab or something.

So she sits there until closing time, and then leaves the bar. Suddenly realizing how cold it is, she tries to get back in but is not let back in. She must have been sloshed times 12, because I’m sure if she had asked civilly if she could step back inside and phone a cab, they would have let her.

So, our genius just starts screaming into the night for help. Uh-huh. Is she related to Ditz O Matic? Finally, after walking for a mile in no particular direction, she wanders into a used car lot and rattles the locked office door in an attempt to get in. Uh, why? It’s 3 in the morning. Was she just hoping to pass out in the used car lot?

then she falls into a snowbank and passes out, only to be found technically dead hours later. Somehow, they were able to bring her back.

Man we have some wackos in this world. Lucky wackos, but wackos nonetheless.

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