My My, Such Big Words To Describe Such Childish Acts

Last Updated on: 12th December 2022, 09:07 pm

Wow, there are some not so fine specimens hanging out at this buffet here, but the best part of the story was the way it was written. A dude bumped into a “lady”, or so she insisted. They apparently knew each other. She called him fat and said he didn’t need any more food, or how did the story put it?

The woman responded by commenting on his girth indicating he did not need any more nourishment.

Yeah, right, as if it was said like that. Then after they got their food and went back to their respective booths, which were unfortunately within view of each other, they kept fighting all through dinner until, according to the chick, the dude…”flashed her the international digit of derision.” Well, what a fancy way to say flipped her the bird. I have to remember that.

Then things got really weird when the dude’s friend got up to get more food and a friend of the chick came over, showed the dude a steak knife and told him she would cut him if he messed with her. Then off she went to jail.

Gees, can’t people act like adults and leave each other alone?

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