Don’t Fear The Commercial

Last Updated on: 17th July 2014, 02:28 pm

Carin’stalk about commercials yesterdayreminded me of one I’ve been hearing lately onone of our local radio stations. I can’t remember the exact wording, but this is pretty close.

Are you tired of shoveling snow? Do you find getting around in the cold of winter difficult? Then come visit us at Eden House. Our warm, comfortable 1-story facilities are perfect to meet your needs.

As it turns out, Eden House is a retirement home. but until they say that, all I can picture is every person listening going yeah, I hate shoveling. Yeah, to hell with this cold and all this freezing rain and snow storm garbage. And now that I think about it, screw climbing stairs! Sign me up for one of these visits. The fact that it’s a retirement home doesn’t really make it any better though when I think about it. the thing might as well say life got you down? Why not try giving up?

I wish the audio was out on the net somewhere, because really, that’s the capper.

Update: Wish no more! We caught the audio.

The soft voice of the station’s morning guy over the soothing background music saying what he’s saying comes off less like the place is welcoming you in and more like he’s gesturing and sweetly trying to coax Grandma towards the gentle hand of death.

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