And Poof! He Looks Even Worse

Last Updated on: 9th December 2021, 07:08 pm

Here comes Jim Piculas again. Remember him? Now he’s suing school officials for defaming his good name. I think this lawsuit should be tossed out for the same reason that shallow-water-diving dimwait’s lawsuit should have been heaved. It’s his own damn fault that his name was dragged through the mud!

Ok, there was the first account which said Piculas was fired for wizardry. Well, because dear old Jim ran to the media and screamed that from the rooftops, school officials had to say “No no no, wanna know the real story? the real story was he was swearing, not following school policies, the kids were out of control, and here are the letters to prove it.” Now that those letters were made public, poor old Jim says he can’t get a teaching job and says he feels blackballed. Uh, nope. If he hadn’t gone and overexaggerated the wizard thing, which he later admits to, then they wouldn’t have needed to defend themselves by revealing all his flaws. If he’s blackballed, it’s self-inflicted.

This guy needs to stop digging himself a hole. Well I guess if he keeps digging, maybe he’ll disappear.

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