This Trixie Is Much Bigger

Last Updated on: 29th January 2020, 05:43 am

When I went to get Babs, and then later Trixie, the jokes went around about how I should bring home a big enough dog that I could jump on its back and ride. Some other people joked that I should go get one of those guide horses. Of course, in the case of the ones you might have heard about, those are miniature horses and you would never ride one of those, but that didn’t stop the jokes.

But Tabitha Darling isn’t joking. She apparently is legally blind and has trained a full-sized pony and wants to ride it into stores. I found a YouTube video of Darling and her pony Trixie. Apparently the first part of the video is of her and a full-sized horse that isn’t Trixie. You’ll see Trixie later when she starts going through store aisles. Jill had sent me the story and I asked her to describe the size of the pony to me, since her descriptions always super rock. she said it’s a big pony, at least 14 hands. I don’t know crap about horses, but for those who do, there it is. I sure believe her when she says it’s big. Apparently Darling has to heave herself up on a fense to get on the thing’s back. that’s just weird.

At first when I saw this, I was conflicted. I know dogs were met with resistance when they were first introduced, and people had to show that this would work, but a horse is a whole different animal, har har. first of all, a person and adog can often fit down an aisle no problem. Try doing that with a horse. Second, there’s a lot more danger to the rider and everyone around her if the horse spooks in a building than if a dog gets a wee bit startled. I can’t speak to the housebreaking issue because I don’t know what the deal is there.

In the end, I have to agree with Carolyn Finefrock. There are other things she can do. If it’s hard to walk and she’s legally blind, she can use a wheelchair and get a dog that can do guiding and assistance with the wheelchair. That is possible, and would take a whole lot less room and cause less problems than a pony.

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