Somebody Turns Four Today!

Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 08:05 am

Guess what? A certain black fuzzball has a birthday today. Actually 6 certain black fuzzballs and 2 yellow ones have a birthday. Yup, happy birthday Trixter and company. You’re 4 now, eek. Hope all pooches are happy. So I figured what better time for some more Trixie talk.

Lately, she’s been a little weasel with certain things. She very well knows what I want her to do, and she almost..does it…she just decides to come up just a little short. For example I always tell her to go to her bed when someone comes to the door. that way she doesn’t scare delivery folks who don’t like dogs and she isn’t a general pain in the butt to them either. Lately I’ll say go to bed, and she’ll almost go to bed and then start coming back to the door. Or she’ll go to bed and as soon as I have my hand on the doorknob, woosh! she’s up and walking towards the door. Oh well, I already seem to be conquering that one. I mean, she stayed in her bed yesterday even when the dog food delivery man came, and that’s a feat.

I’ve noticed she does something really goofy. If Steve and I are goofing around and he’s chasing me or sort of making it look like he’s dragging me somewhere, or something like that and I giggle or play along and kind of shriek but not in a scary way, she’ll come towards me..and lick me! At first I thought she’d lick Steve as if to come to my rescue. Nope, she licks me! I wonder if she thinks she’s saving me with her tongue…or is she ganging up on me with Steve?

She was not happy with the arrival of the snow on Monday and Tuesday. but unlike the rest of us who just complained about it, she tried to take a proactive approach to get rid of it. I could be crazy, but I swear she was convinced that she could single-handedly eat it all! I had only seen her do this once before on a smaller scale when she first saw snow. This time, she would relieve, run from it, and then bury her face in it and…om nom nom nom! Each relieving on Monday and Tuesday I had to stop her from devouring the snow, or I would have been there for a long, long time and she would have had a lot to pee. I think she saw grass showing through at one spot and thought…if I just eat long enough…it’ll all be gone. Oh well, it’s already starting to disappear. Go away, stupid snow. Screw off, old man winter.

You know what the arrival of her birthday also means? We’re coming up on another annual checkup time! for some reason, I didn’t know last year thatI was supposed to bring in a fecal sample. But this year I was told in no uncertain terms in a note in the mail that I must bring poop to the vet. Yee ha! I hope they don’t think anything stupid if there’s a bit of dirt in it since…well..she poops in the grass and while I’m picking it up, I might snag some grass or dirt in the process. so Monday she goes in, and she’s due for her rabies shot. That’s gonna hurt ye old pocketbook I’m sure. I’m glad GDB helps out with this stuff. I don’t ask them for much, but I’m glad they’re there.

Trixie doesn’t know it yet, but things are going to get very interesting in a couple of months. My neighbour and good friend is going to have a baby in June. I wonder if Trixie has ever seen a baby that small. I know she likes little kids, but I wonder what she’ll think of a baby. I know she’s very curious about the crib. they already have it set up, and Trix walked into their apartment and stared at it as if it had descended from Mars. the poor thing was double confused because the couch I always ended up sitting on was gone, and now there was this crib. She looked around for a while, and then gunned it for another couch. Good thinkin’, Trix.

Ya know, Trixie was never uber picky about relieving surfaces. As long as it wasn’t concrete or the box, she would go. Grass?cool! dirt? Good enough! Snow? Just ducky! But she has a real issue with relieving when the grass has been turned to a gushy gooey mud mess that’s all spongy under her feet. She will search, and search, and search for a grassy patch that’s dry or a spot of snow or something. Silly old dog, you have such weird things to be picky over.

I have a new puzzle to figure out. In our bathtub we had a telephone shower, one of those things where you could take the nozzle down and move it around. this meant I could easily bathe Trixie. She didn’t like it, but I could do it. Now that broke and we have a standard shower head. Arg! That means I can’t bathe her myself. I called one groomer, and just to bathe Trixie, and she insisted that she would do nails and ears even though I get the nails trimmed and I do her ears, it would cost me fifty bucks! Uh, how about no? Plus, if I take her to a groomer, I might have to leave her there for hours, and I’m not comfortable with that. I know lots of people do it, but I dunno, I’m just a little weirded out.

I’ve heard of places that had dog-bathing facilities where you pay a more reasonable price and do it yourself. But I don’t know what they’re called, and I don’t know who to ask. I mean, it would kinda be insulting to ask a groomer where to find one of these. Maybe I’ll ask the pet store down the road.

Silly trix has developed this fascination with the mailman when he’s dropping mail through the mail slots in the apartment doors. If we’ve had a particularly boring week, as he’s going by, she’ll let out a couple of barks. I tell her to quiet down and she does. She also from time to time likes to look for the dogs that bark on TV. If they’re particularly vocal, she’ll get up and sit in front of the TV to watch them. the other day, this commercial for Pedigree small dog food came on at the same time as the mailman was going down the hall…and she barked right in sync with the on TV dog! It was hilarious!

that’s about all I have for now. I might call up another lady who came home with her dog at the same time. Maybe we can have a doggy party one of these days. Happy birthday Trixeroo. Don’t get any older, please.

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