Paul Clarke, The Final Update…I Think

Last Updated on: 29th June 2017, 04:18 pm

It looks like, if I’m reading this right, Paul Clarke won’t be meeting up with Bubba. At least someone can tell me if I’m wrong by reading this little passage.

Instead, he gave Clarke a 12-month sentence, suspended for one year, and put him under a one-night curfew from 8pm tonight until 7am tomorrow.

So, I think, he’s in the clear. Maybe? Possibly?

Reading this story, I’m definitely seeing more of the dickish side of Clarke. It’s not really what he’s saying, it’s just the feeling I’m getting from it. Does anyone else think the same thing, or am I alone in this?

I’m glad he didn’t go to jail for five years. That would just be plain dumb.

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